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My Successful Kilimanjaro Climb
Client: Julie Feld

Chris Brewington created my success in climbing Kilimanjaro through his expertise as my personal trainer.  I worked with Chris prior to deciding on the Kilimanjaro adventure.
I announced to Chris one year prior to the climb that I needed him to pick up the pace on my training to get me in shape for the 19,340’ climb.  We worked together three to four days a week in preparation. I noticed his training switched to specific workouts for my goal.  His functional training program increased my endurance physically and emotionally.  The intervals Chris formulated were grueling and yet addictive.  I loved being pushed beyond what I thought I could ever achieve, and together, we did it!

At age 53 I was in the best physical condition of my life.  I will be forever grateful for Chris’s masterful training! 

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